“YOU ARE AMAZING!! The Private and very personalized Window Shopping Diva personal shopping session we had at the Tampa Outlets was exceptional!!! I still can’t believe you helped me find such great deals and most importantly are helping me truly refine my Style. I have so little time for shopping and fashion nowadays- and honestly-I need your Fashion & Style Expertise in my Life! I wish we could do one more session before I head back to Germany! I am ready to minimize & feel GREAT about what I have in my closet.” —TATIANA

“You’ve shown me ways to put colors together I’ve never considered. I’m excited about my wardrobe again!” —LILIANA

“I recently experienced the styling of the lovely, Andrea Romero, an let me tell you.. You can tell how much helping others with their wardrobe fits her. She is interested in you and what is best for you. She is patient, attentive and fun to work with. She helped me purge so much form my closet. Even though I got rid of so much I still feel like I have so much left because she helped me organize in a way that allows me to pair so many different things to make multiple looks from a simple wardrobe foundation. Would definitely recommend checking her out!” —MOIRA

” Loved my closet cleanse. I’m a busy mum of two who rarely has time to focus on myself. Now I can easily find outfits. Andrea gave me tips on clothes to buy to go with  clothes I already own, which means shopping trips are faster and easier for me in the little time I get to shop for myself. My closet has never looked so organized and I love the Pinterest board she made for me. Easy now for me to find outfits she made by looking at the pics she took. Plus now I can see suggestions for outfits that fit my body shape. Thank you girl  X.  — ALEXA

“I recently participated in a Closet Cleanse which was sorely needed. However, where to begin? Enter Andrea, The Window Shopping Diva. I was pampered, surveyed in a calm, relaxing and informative manner. In addition, I was provided with advice, profiled so that I would know what core pieces I needed to shop for and ready to go outfits that I could mix and match easily. This would make an ideal unique gift for a friend or family member.” — SANDRA

“Andrea, Thank you for detoxing and rebuilding my wardrobe. It was amazing to see how many outfits you came up with. Thanks for making it a fun experience.” —EMMY

“What an amazing experience and the best decision to get a closet detox. I felt like a celebrity. Thank you Andrea!!” —HANNAH

“Not only do I have a great privilege calling her my best friend but she is a very talented stylist. She took the time to personalize my closet and give me her professional advice on what flatters my body frame and what outfits I can put together/mix-and-match. I am very happy with the outcome!” —ALEXIA