I’m a firm believer that clothing and accessories have an ability to transform a woman’s spirit, even if she’s not on a Bergdorf’s budget. Style is about finding pieces that showcase your personality and body type. Gems can be found anywhere clothing is sold as long as you know how to navigate the rack. My full range of personal styling services are meant to teach just that!



STYLE PROFILE  $90  (Summer Special July 1-July 31 at $75*)


During our one hour consultation we will chat over the phone or by video call to go through a series of questions to uncover your personal style, preferences and aesthetic. Following our consultation you will receive a custom made Style Profile, beautifully packaged and delivered by mail.

Your Style Profile Package will include:

  • Style Description
  • 2-3 Style icons for you to follow for inspiration
  • List of wardrobe essentials
  • List of brands and stores to explore


  • The convenience of online styling with a personal touch
  • A sense of direction and  better understanding of what styles suit you best 
  • Limit the time you spend on shopping for items
  • Knowledge on where best to shop and confidence in the selection of items you purchase
  • Save money by avoiding common shopping mistakes 


personal shopping

PERSONAL SHOPPING $150  (Summer Special July 1-July 31 at $135*)

What’s Included:

  • Free one hour Style Consultation
  • 2 Hours of one-on-one shopping with professional stylist
  • Stylist will pre-shop and pull items for you to try on one hour before your session
  • You will visit 1-3 of your favorite stores based on your budget and prioritized shopping list 


  • You can relax and let yourself be guided through the experience
  • Unique and fun shopping itinerary organized just for you
  • I pull affordable basics at one or two stores and a couple of fun signature pieces that fit your personality
  • Save time by skipping the racks and going straight into the dressing room
  • Avoid impulse shopping
  • You won’t be pressured to buy. What you take home, speaks to you and your wardrobe


Wardrobe edit.jpg

CLOSET CLEANSE $200  (Summer Special July 1-July 31 at $180*)

Available to clients who have worked with me before. Now you’re ready for a closet transformation including curated outfits that reflect your style

What’s Included:

  • Free 30 minute Style Consultation
  • Together we decide what items to keep, donate or alter
  • Identify items missing from your wardrobe
  • Personalized shopping list based on needs
  • 15-20 new outfits for a seasonal update or full closet edit
  • Clothing removal for donation


  • Spark inspiration and excitement into your wardrobe
  • Reorganized closet for efficiency that makes getting ready seamless
  • A wish-list you can refer to as you shop
  • A capsule of 15+ outfit combinations for activities of your choice (work, weekend, casual, date night, etc.)
  • Easy-to-access photos of multiple outfit combinations





Not everyone is shaped the same way. Each one of us has a unique shape. Embrace it! Discover your body type and learn how to accentuate your figure and highlight your favorite features. You’ll be measured for tops, dresses and bottoms. Along with your measurements you’ll receive a custom Body Type chart with suggestions on styles that compliment your figure.

* Available to clients who have completed the Style Profile, Personal Shopping or Closet  Edit. 


Most people’s closets are filled with colors they feel comfortable or safe with rather than colors that enhance their complexion. Discover colors that compliment your skin, hair and eyes. Wearing the right hues can instantly make you look younger, healthier and vibrant. Let’s bring out your natural glow and beauty through color! You’ll receive a personalized Color Chart with suggestions on colors and tones that suit your skin type.

* Available to clients who have completed the Style Profile, Personal Shopping or Closet         Edit.