The Wardrobe Rack: Tatiana

“The private and very personalized shopping session we had was exceptional! I still can’t believe you helped me find such great deals and most importantly are helping me truly refine my style.”


My client Tatiana, who I call Tati, is a crossover opera and pop singer in Germany. While recording a song for her new album and visiting family in Tampa, she reached out to me asking for help in establishing her professional attire.

Personal image is important in the music industry. How you present yourself says a lot about who you are as an artist and a brand. Dressing a certain way for performances and auditions is part of how you conduct yourself as a product worth consuming.

We met over coffee for our 30 minute Style Consultation…and did some catching up on life. I enjoy this part of my styling sessions. It gives both my clients and I a chance to relax and meet with one another on a more personal level. Tati is an old friend of mine from high school so you can imagine how much catching up we had to do over coffee. We shared a few laughs over her growing collection of skater skirts and lack of pants over the years, which don’t truly reflect the woman Tati really is and the lifestyle she desires to live. Straight away I knew pants would be an essential item to look for on our shopping trip.

I care deeply about my clients and helping them achieve their dreams. I want them to be confident and take pride in what makes them uniquely them. The questions I ask during my consultation aren’t just what size are you and what are your favorite colors? I like to dig deeper and go beyond the surface and ask more personal questions. Clothes are about the woman wearing them. How they make her feel, how they hug her curves and how they express her essence. Most people make the mistake of shopping for what they’re looking for rather than who they’re looking for.  It’s important to help my clients envision the life they want to live and how they are dressed for that lifestyle.

Tati envisioned herself as a professional artist who expresses an appreciation for art and nature. She wanted to see herself walking confidently into meetings and auditions and being taken seriously. Her desire was to build a professional wardrobe that reflected her softer, more feminine side while still expressing a strong, entrepreneurial woman.

We discussed a shopping plan around Tati’s budget and needs. To make the most of her budget we chose Tampa Premium Outlets as our destination. First stop on our itinerary was Banana Republic Factory for basics.


We set out to find figure flattering pieces that accentuated Tati’s feminine figure and pieces that she could wear for meetings and everyday wear.  I had Tati try on styles of pants I thought would fit her well. I pulled three pairs, each for a different occasion (for work and everyday).  And guess what? She LOVED them! We discovered peplum tops were most flattering on her figure. While it wasn’t on our list, Tati fell in love with the wedge shoes I just had her try on with the pants, another find and fun discovery!


Our second stop took us to New York & Company for dresses and camisoles. We focused on shape and color. Tati had a professional photo shoot coming up and wanted to explore wearing a jumpsuit, which has been a big trend. After trying on a couple of jumpsuits Tati decided they weren’t for her. Don’t be afraid to try something new but don’t feel discouraged if  it doesn’t speak to you either. Not every trend is for everyone.


At the end of our shopping day we put on a mini fashion show for her family to show off our finds! The biggest take away were the 3 pairs of pants Tati purchased. Finding bottoms with the right fit were her greatest challenge so she avoided wearing pants  altogether. Tati now has the staple pieces she needs to build her professional work wardrobe from.



-3 pairs of pants (black slacks, dark wash jeans, light wash jeans) from Banana Republic Factory

-2 floral print work blouses from Banana Republic Factory

-A pair of black suede-like wedges from Banana Republic Factory

-A casual-nice, a-line dress in a feminine pink from New York & Company Outlet

-2  Basic camisoles from New York & Company Outlet

…and a warm cup of coffee;)

TOTAL: ALL for under $200.00! (I believe the exact price was somewhere around $187)


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