The Wardrobe Rack

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Welcome to “The Wardrobe Rack,” my new blog series where I give you the “inside” on style success stories with real clients! There is a lot of curiosity in what really goes on during a personal styling session and what the outcomes are. Having your own personal stylist is a luxury most people only dream about. Working with a stylist is thought to be a service only celebrities and the ultra rich can afford.
I want to clear you of those misconceptions and invite you into the wardrobes of clients and everyday women, just like you! Through “The Wardrobe Rack” you’ll hear about style challenges my clients struggle with, their personal goals and the women they aspire to be. Some of which you’ll find a lot in common with.
From new moms looking to revive and refine their personal style, to business women with a desire to bring personality and flare into their work wardrobe, I’ll take you step by step through our process in transforming their style and closets into a haven for inspiration!
What you can expect: Real women, real challenges and real solutions to common wardrobe problems.
*To schedule your styling session contact me here! Let me know how I can help you.
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