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7 Game-Changing Style Resolutions

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You’ve reflected and set your goals for 2018. Now it’s time you create a wardrobe that inspires you and reflects your intentions for this new year. Proclaim 2018 as your year to to become a better you.  I’ve equipped you with 7 game-changing style resolutions to help you refresh, refine and rebuild your wardrobe. This is much more than a closet clean-out.

1.Take proper care of your clothes. I understand you get busy and the last thing on your mind is tending to another item off  your “to do list” after a long day of work. You’re lucky if you have enough energy to muster up a bowl of cereal for dinner. We’ve all been there! But if you’re also putting a lot of that hard earned money into your closet purchases, you should think of them as investments. It pays off in more ways than one to put a little more time in taking care of your clothes. Here are some practical and simple habits you can start:

  • Put away clothes instead of tossing them on the floor after work.
  • When it’s time to wash clothes separate them in piles by color before putting them in the washing machine.
  • Hand-wash delicate items rather than throwing them into the wash.
  • Neatly fold your clothes after you’ve pulled them from the dryer (the longer you leave them thrown in a basket the more work you’ll give yourself trying to get all the wrinkles  out).
  • Speaking of wrinkles…Always iron your clothes. Make sure to check for the fabric info on your tags to know which setting to put your iron on. For more delicate clothes I recommend using a hand steamer. You can find them at any Target and WalMart.
  • Avoid overstuffed drawers, they won’t be so kind on your threads. Be honest with yourself and ruthless if necessary, and get rid of things you no longer wear.


2.Do a full closet clean-out.  #newyearbetteryou Let 2018 be your year to get organized and be styled! Don’t hang onto the past, move on and get rid of things you haven’t worn in the past year. Trust me, you’ll probably never wear them again. If it’s too big, too small or doesn’t jive with your sense of style, make room for the new and say au revoir! Be honest and ruthless. The same goes for damaged pieces. If you haven’t gotten them repaired by now (ie. holes, stains etc) you didn’t miss them enough in the first place. Invite a friend over or hire a personal stylist to help you edit your wardrobe. Have a glass of bubbling or turn it into a fashion show. It makes the process less painful, more effective and a lot more fun!

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3.Be the discerning shopper. The saying is true, less is more! Inventory your closet before making any purchases. What are the holes in your closet? Buy only what you need and the best quality you can afford. “Being stylish and on trend shouldn’t break the bank, and cheap clothing is too expensive. Buy quality and shop less.” Impulse purchases and always buying fast fashion adds up. Instead save your weekly spending allowance for those higher end shoes you’ve been coveting. Invest in everyday essentials to get the most wear out of your clothes.


4.Double Down on key pieces. Accessories make your outfit and can elevate you’re whole look. You don’t have to do a closet overhaul right away. A carefully and well thought out collection of “extras” goes a long way.  Incorporating a few new statement pieces and everyday essentials is game changing. Accessories are fairly easy to buy and afford especially from thrift stores, vintage shops (for unique and hard to find items) and higher end shops. You can get a lot for your money.



5.Pop it with color. Introducing color (or prints) into your repertoire is agreeably one of the easiest ways to freshen up your seasonal wardrobe. Be bold. Be daring. Adventure out and explore a new color palette. Claim your neutrals for the season (stick to a tight color palette 1-2 colors). And when you have proclaim them with colorful power pumps or blazer. 


6.Get proper fitted undergarments. Having worked in a lingerie shop I’ve learned a thing or to on the importance of upgrading your intimates. When we think of freshening up our wardrobes, our undergarments are too often forgotten. While lingerie is not “officially” a closet item it has everything to do with your ensemble.  An ill-fit underneath your clothes can most certainly affect the fit of your clothes on the outside. So, out with the old and ill-fit, and in with the new and fitted! An easy place to start is by getting properly measured. Victoria Secrets offers complimentary bra fittings. You may also want to try any other reputable retailers to get measured. You want a flawless and seamless fit. You’ll be amazed at how fabulous you’ll feel feel in the right underwear and bra. Oh and while you’re out, treat yourself to a fancy set of bra and panties;)

7.Try a trend you love. Lastly, I encourage you to be open to exploring your possibilities by trying new styles and trends. Be wise and spend thoughtfully. This year choose 1-2 trends to try each season. Make sure they compliment what you already own and fall in line with your personal style. Maybe that statement necklace you’ve had on your Pinterest board the past few months will punctuate your spring wardrobe. Have fun with fashion and give it a go!


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